TikTok user Hayley, who claims she went on a date with Bryan Kohberger

A woman who claims she went on a Tinder date with Bryan Kohberger said the 28-year-old accused of brutally slaying four University of Idaho students invited himself into her apartment, then “kept trying to touch” her.

The woman allegedly matched with Kohberger, who asked her out to the movies, about seven years ago according to her TikTok video about the bizarre encounter.

The woman behind the video, Hayley, allegedly matched with Kohberger on Tinder about seven years ago while she was a psychology student at Penn State Hazelton, she told The Post.

Kohberger was also studying psychology at another school nearby, which was a bonding point for the two, Hayley said. 

“My interactions with Bryan were very brief. I don’t know much about him,” the woman said in her TikTok video posted Monday.

“We matched on Tinder, we talked for a couple of hours and then he was like, ‘Hey, you want to go to the movies with me tonight?’ I was like, sure. So we went to the movies,” she said.

While the pair only went out once, Hayley told The Post: “He like, completely changed once we were in my dorm so I’m glad I was able to get away.”

“I thought he was just going to drop me off, but that was not the case. He kind of invited himself inside,” she said.

Once inside Hayley’s room, Kohberger wanted to watch another movie on Netflix — and that’s when things took a creepy turn.


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