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WAEC 2022/2023 Physics Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

WAEC Physics Past Questions and Answers is here and the aim of this article is to aid ensure that our readers who would be writing Physics in the next WAEC examination are well prepared for the next examination. We urge those practising to take note of the questions that are difficult for them and read on the topic that question emanates from.

The West African Examination Council GCE examination is around the corner and those who are going to be writing Physics are urged to use the questions outlined in this article to prepare ahead for their examination. The questions here are for private candidates but they can also be used by those who are writing GCE.

The number of questions to be answered in the WAEC objectives and theory section is dependent on the instructions that year. The number of objectives questions might be constant but we cannot say the same for the theory questions so ensure that you go through the instructions before you start answering the questions.

About Physics Past Questions and Answers

The Physics Past Questions and Answer is for those who would write Physics as one the subjects in WAEC. It is one of the subjects that core science students must write especially for those who want to study courses like Chemistry.

Physics is a core science subject and anyone who wants to read a science related or engineering discipline in the University would need to pass Physics in their examination. One of the ways by which you can pass your examination is to answer past questions as this would help you to be familiarized with types of questions that can be asked.

WAEC Physics Past Questions and Answer Sample Questions

In this question, we would provide sample questions for those who are writing Physics in the upcoming WAEC examination to use and practice.

1.The derived unit of pressure can be expressed as? a. kgms-2 b. kgm-1s-2 c. kgm-2s-2 d. kgm-1s2

2. Which of the following devices is used to determine the relative density of an acid?
a. Manometer b. Hydrometer c. Hypsometer d. Hygrometer

3.A block of wood of density 0.6gcm-3, weighing 3.06N in air, floats freely in a liquid of density 0.9gcm-3. Calculate the volume of the portion immersed. (g = 10ms-2) a. 510cm3 b. 340cm3 c. 254cm3 d. 170cm3

4.A metal ball of weight W falls through a column of glycerine of viscosity V. If the ball experiences an upthrust U and terminal velocity is attained, then a. W > U + V b. W =U + V c. W = U -V d. W < U + V

5.Which of the following substances is the most volatile at room temperature? a. Water b. Diesel c. Petrol d. Kerosene

6. The movement of fluid up or down a narrow tube is? a. Osmosis b. Brownian motion c. capillarity d. diffusion

7. A bird flies at 10ms-1 for 3s, 15ms-1 for 3s, and 20ms-1 for 4s. Calculate the bird’s average speed a. 4.5ms-1 b. 15.0ms-1 c. 15.5ms-1 d. 51.7ms-1

8. The time of flight for a projectile motion is given by the expression. a.Usinθ/g b.Usinθ/2g c. 2Usinθ/g d. Usin2θ/g

9. An object is dropped from the top of a tower. If it takes 4s for it to reach the ground, calculate the height of the tower (g = 10ms-2, ignore air resistance) a. 20m b. 40m c. 80m d. 160m

10.A simple pendulum makes 50 oscillations in one minute. Determine its period of oscillation a. 0.04s b. 0.83s c. 1.20s d. 50.00s

11. The tendency for a stationary body to continue to remain at rest when a force is applied to it is known as a. friction b. impulse c. inertia d. momentum

12. The S.I Unit of heat is a . joule b. kelvin c. watt d. ampere

13. A girl stands on a scale in a lift. If the reading on the scale is less than her weight, then the lift is moving a. upward with uniform speed b. upward with uniform acceleration c. downward with uniform speed d. downward with uniform acceleration

14. A body is pulled through a distance of 500m by a force of 20N. If the power developed is 0.4kW, calculate the time for which the force acts a. 250.0s b. 25s c. 2.5s d. 0.5s

15. The thermopile is a device for detecting a. radioactive radiations b. radiant energy c. X-rays d. the presence of electrons

Section B

Part I

  1. A spiral spring with a metal extends by 10.5cm in air. When the metal is fully submerged in water,the spring extends by 6.8cm. Calculate the relative density of the metal(Assume Hooke’s law is obeyed)
  2. A ray of light is incident on an air-glass boundary at an angle θ. If the angle between the partially reflectd ray and the refracted ray is 90°, calculate θ, given the refractive index of the glass is 1.50
  3. Explain the term elctrodes in electric cells
    • An electric current passing through an electrolyte for 2 minutes deposited 200g ofa substance. If the electrochemical equivalent of the substance is 8.33 * 10.-4gC-1, calculate the current passed.
  4. Explain why sound waves cannot be plane polarized
  5. Define surface tension
    • State the two methods by which the surface tension of a liquid can be reduced
  6. Explain why it is desirabe to install an air conditioner near the ceiling of a room and not close to the floor
  7. On what principle does lightining in a flourescent tube operate?
    1. State the two factors which determine the color of light produced in a flourescent tube.

Part II

  1. State the principle of conservation of linear momentum
    • Explain the mode of action of a propelled rocket
    • During a training session, two footballers pass a ball repeatedly between themselves. Give two reasons why the to and fro motion of the ball is not simple harmonic
    • A ball is dropped from a height at the same time as another ball is projected horizontallyfrom the same height
    • Would the ball hits the ground at the same time
    • Explain your answer in (i)
  2. What is a machine?
    • State the two use of gears
    • Define the velocity ratio for a pair of gear wheels
    • How can the mechanical advantage of a gear system be increased?

Before you start answering questions, ensure that you read the instructions thoroughly as that is the first step to passing the examination with flying colors. When answering theory questions, ensure that you answer the specified amount and the section stipulated to your country alone.

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