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WAEC CRS/CRK Past Questions and Answer PDF Download

WAEC CRS Past Questions and Answer PDF Download|See how to obtain the WAEC Past Questions & Answer

Ensure that you read the instructions before you start answering the examination, especially the theory section. In the theory section, each question would be allotted a specific amount of marks and what you score would be determined by how well you answer the questions.

WAEC CRS Examination is very easy to pass however, the person writing the examination must be well prepared in order to pass the examination. One of the ways of being prepared is by using questions from previous years to prepare for the upcoming examination.

Those looking for WAEC CRK/CRS Expo should note that we do not provide Expos rather, we provide questions that you can use to prepare for the WAEC examination. If you prepare well by practising the questions outlined below, then you would be sure of passing with flying colours.

About WAEC CRS/CRK Past Questions And Answers

The WAEC Christian Religious Studies/Knowledge paper is divided into objective section and theory section and the objective section has 50 compulsory question while the the questions in the theory section differs according to the year. We would provide sample objective and theory past questions that you can use to prepare ahead for the examination.

WAEC CRS Objective Past Questions

1.One of the four rivers found in the garden of Eden was?

2.Joseph was sold to the Midianites by his brothers at?

3.The main reason why the Israelites went to Egypt was because?
a.They needed divine protection
b.The Egyptians had colonized them
c.Joseph was in charge of food
d.There was great famine

4.Moses miracles among the Hebrews after his call were meant to?
a.Encourage rebellion against Pharaoh
b.Reveal Moses leadership capabilities
c.Convince Pharoah of Yaweh’s Supremacy
d.Convinve Israel of Yaweh’s mission

5.Aaron was chosen to assist Moses in liberating the Israelites because?
a.Moses was a stammerer
b.God had lost confidence in Moses
c.The Israelites murmured against Moses’ leadership
d.Moses was old and would soon die

6.The miraculous crossing of the Red sea by the Israelites shows
a.God’s guidance and protection over his people
b.The ill-equipped army of Pharaoh
c.God’s fulfilment of his promise to destroy the Egyptians
d.Moses as a reliable leader

7.To prove the land’s fertility, the spies brought from the valley of Eschol
a.Sycamore, figs, and olives
b.pomegranates, citrus and vines
c.grapes, figs and pomegranates
d.Olives, grapes and Sycamore

8.Eleazer, the man who commissioned Joshua was a?

9.The period of the judges was characterized by?
a.Obedience, blessings, and success
b.wars, famine and plagues
c.sojourns, discoveries and settlements
d.disobedience, punishment and deliverance

10.In the battle against Sisera, Deborah’s co-operation with Barak was based on her?
a.belief in Barak’s power
b.absolute belief and trust in God
c.Reliance on a large army
d.Power as a prophetess

11.God charged Joshua during his call to cross the Jordan River in order to
a.Fight the people of Jericho
b.Possess the Promised Land
c.Appoint Elezear to succeed Aaron
d.Circumcise all Hebrew children

12.Samuel’s disagreement with Saul was caused mainly by?

13.The son’s of Eli treated God’s sacrifices with contempt by?
a.Laying with women in the tent
b.being ignorant of the sacrificial laws
c.taking raw meat before the fats were burnt
d.limiting themselves to the breast of the animal

14.David’s respect and humility for the Lord’s painted was depicted in?
a.his refusal to kill Saul
b.returnng Saul’s spear and jar Saul a decent burial
d.the way Abner was humiliated

15.The consequences pf Solomon’s apostasy was?
a.The division of the kingdom of Israel
b.Rehoboam’s inability to sustain and maintain the kingdom of Israel
c.The conspiracy against him by Jeroboam
d.The sudden death of his wives and concubines

WAEC Theory Sample Questions

Below are some sample questions that those writing CRS should practise

1. Narrate the dream of Pharoah
2. What are the circumstances that led to the call of Deborah to battle with Jabin
3. What are the circumstances that led David to serve in the house of Saul

4. What are the roles women played in the resurrection stories according to the synoptic Gospels(Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 16:1-11, Luke 24:1-11)
5. Explain Peter’s miraculous escape from prison
6. What are the reasons why Christians should remain loyal to their master in all situations?

If you need more questions, then send us a message via our contact us form and we would reply if we still have more copies of the past question also ensure that you finish the questions uploaded above before contacting us via Whatsapp or email.

We wish those writing CRS luck in their examination also if you want the complete copy of this past question, then let us know via the comment section below

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