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WAEC 2022/2023 Civic Education Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

WAEC Civic Education Past Question is here and those writing it in WAEC Examination are to note that is very easy to pass it in one sitting. Just practice the questions outlined here before the next examination and you would be sure of getting a good score in Civic Education.

Are you going to write Civic Education in the West African Examination Council Examinations? WAEC questions are mostly repeated and hence the need for those participating to start answering past questions before they write the examinations. This article would provide a sample of what the WAEC Civic past questions look like below.

The West African Examination Council(WAEC) exam paper is made up of two(2) parts or sections and paper 1 is the objectives part and paper 2 is the essay section.

WAEC Civic Education Past Questions

Paper 2

Instructions: Answer any four questions in all, choosing at least one question from each section.
All questions carry equal marks

Section A
Answer at least one question from this section

1a. State four significance of contentment in the Nigerian Society
b. Mention three negative effects of lack of contentment on the society

2. Explain five Nationalistic roles expected of individuals in the society

3a. Define national consciousness
b. State four ways of promoting national consciousness

Section B
Answer at least one question from this section

4a. Define Youth Empowerment
b. List three youth empowerment skills
c. State three efforts of government towards youth empowerment

5a. State four preventive measures for HIV/AIDS
b. Mention three ways by which HIV/AIDS can be managed

6a. State two functions of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA)
b. Outline three functions of the National Agency for Food Drug and Drug Administration Control(NAFDAC)

Section C
Answer at least one question from this section

7a. List three features of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria
b. Highlight four significance of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria

8a. Define representative democracy
b. State three reasons Nigeria adopts a representative democracy
c. List three factors that retard the growth of democracy in Nigeria

9a. State four importance of public service in Nigeria
b. List three ways by which public service can be improved in the country.

Paper 1

Below is a list of some WAEC civic education past questions:

1.Fundamental rights are literally the rights that one can enjoy because one is

a. an individual b. a human being c. a citizen d. an educated elite

2. Which one of the following nationalists is associated with democratic socialism?

a. Ahmadu Bello b. Tafawa Balewa c. Anthony Enahoro d. Obafemi Awolowo

3.When a person is being fair, impartial, and reasonable in dealing with other such person is said to be

a. responsible b. tolerant c. honest d. humble

4. A limitation to the exercise of human rights is

a. war b. deportation c. migration d. HIV/AIDS

5. Which of the following is not among the sources of authority?

a. Societal b. Traditional c. Rational Legal d. Charismatic

6. Orderliness can be exhibited in the following ways except

a. observing the traffic lights b. queuing culture c. decorum behavior d. interrupting an individual

7. Which of the following is a way of achieving responsible parenthood?

a. Commitment b. Patriotism c. Favouritism d. Goodness

8. A citizen is someone who

a. holds a chieftaincy title in the country b. is a legal member of the country c. has lived in the country for a long time d. is a staunch supporter of the country’s development

9.Incidence of a broken home and irresponsible parenthood are the major causes of the following except

a. unhealthy growth b. armed robbery c. migration d. cultism

10. Citizenship Education will not help to achieve one of the following?

a. National Unity b. Education of the youth c. Moral decadence d. Promoting democracy

11. Orderliness can be defined as

a. being punctual to work b. studying diligently in school c. doing things in a proper way d. learning the Western way of life

12. The traffic in Persons Prohibition and Administration Act was passed in Nigeria in

a. December 2001 b. October 2002 c. August 2003 d. April 2004

13. The process of enabling someone to perform an action that adds value to his/her life is known as

a. employment b. recruitment c. socialization d. empowerment

14. Rates are collected in Nigeria by

a. Federal Inland Revenue Service b. State Ministry of Finance c. Local Government Councils d. Council of Traditional Rulers

15. The Fourth Schedule of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria outlines the functions of

a. federal government b. local government c. national government d. state government

16. The prerequisite for orderliness is?

a. humility b. morality c. hard work d. politeness

17. National symbols are also referred to as symbols of national

a. cooperation b. identity c. unity d. development

18. Law of libel and defamation of character violates the right to freedom of?

a. fair hearing b. religion c. expression d. association

19. The attitude that prevents peaceful resolution of inter-communal conflict is?

a. conciliation b. resentment c. dialogue d. mediation

20. The basic responsibility of parents is?

a. providing necessities of life for the children b. buying expensive gifts for the children c. sending the children abroad for quality education d. visiting sites of attraction with the children

Those who would be writing Civic Education in the next WAEC examination are urged to get a copy of the previous year as some questions may be repeated. We would update this article once we have more copies of the WAEC past questions.

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