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WAEC Chemistry 2022/2023 Past Question and Answer PDF Download

Are you going to write chemistry in the 2022 West African Examination Council examinations? Chemistry is one of the core science subjects that one must pass in order to be eligible to study a science related discipline at the University regardless of the institution and that is why candidates must ensure that they prepare very well for the examination.

This is one of the core subjects that science students must pass in order to be eligible for admission to the department you selected. It is very possible for you to pass Chemistry in one sitting and one of the ways of ensuring that you are successful is to use past questions to practice.

WAEC GCE registration form has been released to the general public and those who would be writing Chemistry are advised to start practicing with the questions outlined below because it is the same body that sets questions for GCE[WAEC] and there would be similarities in the questions being used for school candidates.

There is a practical and an alternative to the practical section. Each institution or examination center where the examination is written would determine which one they would use. We were unable to write the instructions in this article however, we would like to urge you to go through the instructions at the top of the paper before you start answering the questions.

WAEC Chemistry Objectives Past Questions

Below is a list of some objective questions that one can practice ahead of the upcoming examination:

1. Which of the following species determines the chemical properties of an atom?

a. Electron b. Neutron c. Nucleus d. Proton

2. The following glassware’s are used to measure the volume of liquids except

a. graduated beaker b. pipette c. test tube d. burette

3. Pauli exclusion principle is related to

a. Quality of electrons in the valence shell b. filling the orbitals with lower energy first c. the filling of degenerated orbitals d. quantum number of electrons

4. The species with no electron in the 3d-orbital is

a. Zn2+ b. Sc2+ c. Cu d. Mn

5. The separation of Oxygen from Nitrogen by fractional distillation of air is possible because

a. Nitrogen is less dense than oxygen b. Oxygen is more reactive than Nitrogen c. Difference in their boiling point d. Solubility

6. The purity of a solid sample can be best determined by its

a Boiling point b. Melting point c. conductivity d. solubility

7. The mass of one mole of (NH4)2CO3 is [0 = 16.0 N= 14.0 C = 12.0, H = 1.0]

a. 66.0g b. 76.0g c. 80.0g d. 96.0g

8. Atomic orbital is

a. The circular path through which electrons revolve around the nucleus b. A region around the nucleus where electrons are most likely to be found c. The path around the nucleus through which protons move

9. The property of elements which increases down a group of the Periodic Table is

a. Electronegativity b. Electron affinity c. Ionic Radius d. Ionization Energy

10. The reason for the decrease in the atomic size of elements across a period is that

a. nuclear change increases while the outermost electrons are drawn closer to the nucleus b. nuclear charge decreases while the outermost electrons are drawn closer to the nucleus c. valence electron increases across the period while the valence shell remains constant d. Nucleus charge decreases while the distance of the valence shell from the nucleus is increasing.

WAEC Chemistry ESSAY

Below is a list of some Chemistry Essay questions:

  1. Give an example of an acid base-indicator (b) State the property exhibited by nitrogen(IV) oxide in each of the following equations: (i) 4Cu + 2NO2 →4CuO + N2 (ii) H2O + 2NO2→HNO3 + HNO2 c.i Define enthalpy of combustion ii. State why the enthalpy of combustion is always negative. d(i)Distinguish between a primary cell and a secondary cell ii. Give an example of each of the cells stated in 1(d) (e) Define the term mole (f) Calculate the amount of hydrochloric acid in 40.00cm3 of 0.40moldm-3 dilute HCL (g) Name two substances that can be used as electrodes during the electrolysis of acidified water. (h) List two forces of attraction that can exist between covalent molecules (i) Name the products formed when butane undergoes incomplete combustion (j) Write the electronic configuration of 26Fe3+

Those writing Chemistry should take note of the following points:

  • Try to get the recommended textbooks
  • Try to answer as many past questions as you can
  • Try to share those questions that you are not familiar with your friends or anybody that can help you solve it.

Any of these questions can be repeated so ensure that you familiarize yourself with them also, ensure that you use the recommended textbooks while preparing for the West African Examination Council Chemistry Examination as this is another secret to passing the examination.

It is very important to visit this page regularly because we would update this article regularly also if you have WAEC questions that you feel can help others prepare for the examination, then send them to us via our Gmail account and we would upload them immediately.

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