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WAEC Biology Past Questions and Answer PDF Download

Biology is one of the core science subjects for those in the science discipline and it is necessary to pass with a good grade. The easiest way to be prepared for any examination is to practice ahead before the examination commences and we have provided some sample questions below.

This is one of the core subjects for science students and passing this subject is compulsory for those studying science related courses. Passing Biology in one sitting is very possible if you are well prepared for the examination and one of those ways is to practice with previously used questions.

WAEC GCE examination is about to commence and those who would be writing Biology are advised to prepare for their examination by practicing the questions outlined below. If you need more questions, then visit the WAEC official portal and use the questions there to prepare for the examination.

We have updated the questions and those who were able to practice with the ones we previously uploaded should go ahead and start practicing the new questions that we added as our aim of updating the list is to ensure that you are well prepared before the next examination commences.

About WAEC Biology Past Question

The West African Examination Council Biology past questions are divided into two sections(Objective, and the essay section) and each of these sections would have different times allocated to them. We would provide the questions in this article however, we would send the answers to anyone that is interested via our email address so follow the instruction below if you want to get your own copy for free.

Most of the questions are repeated but there are some with slight changes hence the reason why you need to practice these questions thoroughly before the Biology examination date. The format of questions has been used for the past examination hence we urge those reading this article to take note of the procedures.

WAEC Biology Essay Sample Questions

In this section, there are three other sections under it with the first section being for all the candidates and the other two being for specific countries.

1.Explain briefly sexual reproduction in Rhizopus

b. A student suddenly stepped on a big snake, he cried for help and ran away
i. Name the hormone produced in the body for the reaction
ii. In which part of the human body is the hormone named in 1(a)(i) produced
iii. State five changes that must take place as a result of the hormone named in 1(a)(i)

c(i) In a tabular form, state the three differences between excretion in flowering plants and excretion in humans
(ii)List two organelles found in plant cells that are responsible for the excretion of metabolic wastes

2.Explain how the leaf of a flowering plant is adapted for photosynthesis.
b.Describe briefly the mode of feeding in tapeworms
c. Name one mineral element each needed for the proper functioning of:
i. bones
ii. red blood cells
iii. thyroid gland
d(i) State three benefits of including roughage in the diet of humans
ii. State three reasons why proteins are important to humans

WAEC Biology Objectives Questions

1.Which of the following organisms is not a protozoan?

a. Amoeba
b. Ascaris
c. Plasmodium
d. Paramecium

2.The structure of the cell membrane is a?

a. double layer and a double protein layer
b.middle bi-layer of protein with a lipid layer on either surface
c.middle bi-layer of lipid with a protein layer on either surface
d. Protein layer with two inner lipid layers

3.Which of the following cells is a specialized cell?

a. Amoeba
b. Plasmodium
c. Guard cell
d. Meristematic cell

4.The following organisms have structures for movement except

a. amoeba
b. Spirogyra
c. Volvox
d. Paramecium

5.Which of the following statements about the protoplasm of a cell is not correct? It

a.Is gelatinous mass
b.Consists of cytoplasm and nucleus
c. Is the liquid part of the nucleus
d. Contains cellular organelles

6.When a spirogyra filament is placed in a concentrated salt solution for 30 minutes, the cell would become?

a. plasmolyzed
b. turgid
c. shortened
d. elongated

7.Blood pressure is higher in the arteries as a result of

a. Stress
b. concentration and relaxation
c. blockage in the arteries
d. presence of valves

8.A farmer who wants to keep seeds for three years before planting and wants to prevent them from sprouting uses

a. auxin
b. gibberellins
c. abscisin
d. cytokinesis

9.A person had an accident that affected the skull but not the nose and later lost the sense of smell. The accident must have affected the

a. nose by extension
b. olfactory lobes of the brain
c. passage from the nose to the brain
d. part of the skull near the nose

10.Ability of the human eye to focus images accurately on the retina is called?

a. astigmatism
b. myopia
c. adjustment
d. accommodation

11.Which of the following characteristic features is not associated with monocotyledonous plants?

a. Well-differentiated sepals and petals
b. Presence of fibrous root system
c. Presence of narrow leaves
d. Floral parts are in multiples of three

12.The main difference between a seed and a fruit is that a fruit

a. is large while a seed is small
b. has two scars while a seed has one
c. is pigmented while a seed is not
d. can be dispersed by an animal while a seed cannot

13.The capillarity of a soil refers to?

a. the particle size of soil
b. how easily water passes through the soil
c. how well water rises up in the soil
d. the proportion of water a soil holds

14.An Organism at the start of a food chain that provides the total input of energy into an ecosystem is the?

a. Sun
b. Producer
c. consumer
d. decomposer

15. Which of the following components make up an ecosystem?

a.Decomposers, animals, and non-living factors
b. Living and non-living factors
c. Plants and non-living factors
d. plants, decomposers, and non-living factors

Now that you have gotten the past questions and answers, ensure that you practice with these questions also, ensure that you read the instructions outlined on your questions paper before you start answering your questions as this is the first step to getting a good grade in Biology.

If you want a complete copy of this past question, then drop your email below and we would send a copy to you immediately.

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