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WAEC Agricultural Science 2022 Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

Agricultural Science is a science subject and in order to pass it in WAEC, candidates must know the scheme of work, recommended textbooks, and also previous Agric questions that were asked in previous years. The aim of studying past questions is so that you would know what the questions look like and the topics that you are yet to cover while you were studying.

It is very easy to pass Agricultural Science in one sitting and the secret to achieving that is to practice with questions used during previous years and also study the topic of the questions that you failed when answering past questions . With this trick, you can cover a lot of topics within a short period of time.

The date for the West African Examination Council Agricultural Science examination is around the corner and candidates are advised to start practicing before the main examination. The West African Examination Council[WAEC] Agricultural Science examination is around the corner and those who would be writing Agric Science can practice ahead with the questions outlined in this article.

WAEC Agricultural Science Past Questions & Answer

The past questions and answers comprise both objective(Paper 1) and theory(Paper 2). Paper 1 has 50 compulsory questions while in Paper 2, candidates would have to answer the amount stated in the instruction. The questions outlined below can be used to prepare ahead for the WAEC GCE as it is also WAEC that is in charge of conducting that examination.

WAEC Agricultural Science Objective Sample Questions

1.Which of the following suggestions would solve transportation problems associated with agriculture?

a.Establishment of tractor hiring units
b.Efficient railway system
c.Establishment of car hire units
d.Provision of extension services

2.Which of the following statements is not correct about agriculture in most West African countries? It provides


3.The document given to a farmer on acquiring a piece of land from the government is called

a.certificate of purchase
b.receipt of ownership
c.certificate of occupancy
d.recipt of lease

4.The surveying instrument used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles is called

b.Gunter’s chain
c.offset staff

5.Crop rotation is often used in maintaining soil fertility because

a.All crops grown, add nutrients to the soil
b.Some of the crops fix nitrogen in the soil
c.Crops grown are ploughed into the soil
d.The crops are rotated on different farmlands

6.The most limiting factors affecting land availability for agriculture in urban settlements is

a.Soil type
d.Population pressure

7.Rhizobium supplies nitrogen to leguminous plants by?

a.Incorporating Urea into their bodies
b.Fixing atmospheric nitrogen into the soil
c.Decomposing plants and animal remains
d.Decreasing the pH value of the soil

8.An example of igneous rock is?


9.In the chemical weathering of rocks, the equation Fe2O3 + 3H2O  → Fe2O3. 3H2O represent


10.Lost soil nutrients can be replenished by the following methods except manuring
b.fertilizer application
c.continous grazing
d.cover cropping

WAEC Agricultural Science Theory Sample Questions

  1. In a tabular form, state five differences between subsistence and commercial agriculture
    1. b Suggest two possible solutions to each of the following problems of agriculture development in WestAfrica:
      i. Inadequate land
      ii. Inadequate finance
      iii. Incidence of diseases

c.What is agricultural ecology

d.State fice sources of pollution of agricultural lands and fish ponds.

2a.What is farm surveying

b.State four disadvantages of electrical power

c.Give four reasons why farm machines should be maintained

d.Define the term land as used in agriculture

e.Explain briefly how each of the following factors affects land availability for agriculture:
i.population pressure

3a.Explain the term staking in yam cultivation

b.Describe the nursery practices in cocoa cultivation

c.State five reasons for parboiling paddy rice

d. State three advantages and two disadvantages of taungya farming

4. Complete the table below

WeedBotanical NameMethod of Dispersal
Goat Weed
Siam Weed
Water Leaf

(b) List three examples of each of the following factors affecting land availability for agriculture:

(i) physical factors; (ii) economic factors. (6 marks)

(c) Enumerate four effects of pollution on agricultural lands and ponds. (4 marks)

(d) State two ways of minimizing land and pond pollution. (2 marks)

5. (a) Distinguish between spacing and thinning in crop production. (2 marks)

(b) Discuss the cultivation of oil palm under the following headings:

(i) botanical name; (ii) two varieties; (iii) method of propagation; (iv) soil requirement; (v) spacing on the field; (vi) two varieties. (8 marks)

(c) Enumerate six ways in which forest resources are important to the economy of West Africa. (6 marks)

(d) What is apiculture? (2 marks)


(a) Explain each of the following terms as used in animal production:

(i) flushing;
(ii) castration;
(iii) culling. (6 marks)

(b) Mention two advantages of each of the terms in 5 (a).

(i) Flushing;
(ii) Castration;
(iii) Culling.(6 marks)

(c) Give two uses of each of the following survey equipment:

(i) prismatic compass;
(ii) measuring tape. (4 marks)

(d) Differentiate between the terms floriculture and aquaculture. (2 marks)

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