TikToker Waffler69, known for his videos where he tried the weirdest and most extreme foods he could find, died suddenly at the age of 33.


His brother Clayton announced that Waffler, whose real name was Taylor LeJeune, died on Wednesday.

Waffler had 1.8 million followers on TikTok, where fans loved him for his enthusiasm in sharing his food finds. Some of his most popular videos are of him trying a massive fruit loop, Batman cereal, and a canned cheeseburger.

Clayton posted a video on Thursday saying his brother had died at 10 p.m. the night before after what he called “a presumed heart attack.”

“He was rushed to the hospital, and I want to say like an hour and a half later he passed away,” Clayton said. “Now this is still pretty new, I don’t know what’s gonna be happening in the near future with any of that, but I thought I should get on TikTok and let everybody know. Please keep his legacy alive.”

Clayton asked Taylor’s followers to keep watching his videos, because “he loved making people happy.”

Clayton told TMZ his brother was experiencing discomfort on Wednesday and called for an ambulance that rushed him to hospital from his home in Louisiana. Heart problems run in the family, he said.


Clayton also shared a GoFundMe on his Instagram story which was raising funds for his mom to help cover Taylor’s funeral and medical expenses. It had raised over $11,000 as of early Friday.

“If he has touched your heart in someway, me and my family would appreciate it,” it reads.

Fans mourned Waffler’s death after the news was announced.

“Your spirit and energy was unmatched and you will be severely missed,” one fan wrote on his most recent TikTok.

“Gonna miss you big guy!” said another. “You seriously were one of the good ones.”


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