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Pyes 2022/2023 Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates

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Pyes recruitment shortlist checking procedures have been outlined in this article – By the end of this article, we expect our readers who applied for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme to know how they can check the shortlist and also know when it would be released.

The previous registration exercise has ended and those who participated would want to know if they were among those shortlisted by Pyes.

There are instructions that would be given to those who made the shortlist and those instructions would be outlined on this page once it has been released.

If you are unaware of how to apply for Pyes recruitment, then visit the Pyes recruitment application guidelines article to see the instructions one ought to follow to apply for the recruitment exercise.

Pyes Recruitment Shortlist Checking Procedures

Once the shortlist is available online, applicants are urged to visit the shortlist checking portal to check if they were shortlisted.

Those that made the shortlist should take note of the instructions that shortlisted persons ought to follow. From time to time, we would provide more information about the shortlist in this article.

Note that the first shortlist would contain the names of those eligible to participate in the screening exercise while the final shortlist would contain the names of those that passed the screening exercise.

If you have any questions, then please drop your questions below also, share this article with those who would be interested in reading it.

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