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Npower Test Portal 2022- How To Write Npower Test

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Instructions will be provided here on Npower Test 2022 for batch c candidates. If you applied for Npower 2022 and you have been shortlisted, see details on the test date, schedule and how to login for Npower assessment test 2022 here.

The Npower Test is for all section of the programme which includes: Npower Teach, Npower Tech, Npower Agro, Npower Tax, Npower Build, etc. Candidates who are to take the assessment test are those who have been shortlisted.

It is mandatory to write the Npower Online test regardless of the category you are registering or applying for.

The Npower Test portal is where the test would be written and it is a very very compulsory process of the Npower application. To show how important the test is, those who score higher than the stipulated cutoff mark would be allowed to proceed to the next phase of the Npower Batch C application while those who score lower would be disqualified immediately.

When is Npower test date? The date for the assessment test will be passed across to you once Npower has put things in place. But we can assure you that the test will soon commence. It is very mandatory to note that the Npower Test is a very compulsory phase of the Npower recruitment and everyone must participate in it regardless of the category of the Npower programme they selected.

Here, you will be able to login to the test portal for npower and write the screening test. This guideline applies to all categories of the Npower programme. See more details below.

Npower Test Portal Login 2022

All applicants in the batch c category of the Npower programme are to visit the test website to write their assessment test. For now, the date for the test has not yet been announced by Npower. We will keep you updated as soon as the test starts.

When will Npower Test start for batch c applicants? The official date is yet to be announced online. See the procedures for Npower assessment test 2022 below:

  • Firstly, Login to the test portal
  • Choose the particular category in which you selected during registration. E.g: Npower teach, agro, build, etc.
  • Once the portal opens, navigate to the option that reads ‘Test’.
  • Those who are eligible to write the test will be allowed assess to the test environment.
  • Answer the questions and submit once you are done.
  • From information we have, Npower will divide questions into several categories: Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge & Use of English.

Npower Assessment Test Schedule 2022

Schedule – Npower 2022 assessment test is Computer Based and is only candidates who have been shortlisted will be eligible to write the test. Your details have to match the one you used during application before you are eligible to write the test. Applicants who receive a text message from Npower should login to the test website and follow the guidelines we outlined earlier to write the test.

Please take note, only applicants who have received text message from Npower should proceed to Npower website for the test. The date will soon be announced and before that, the names of applicants who have been shortlisted will be announced and they will be the ones eligible to write the assessment test.

Npower 2022 Test Portal

The Npower online test would be written on the online test portal. The portal can be accessed from a mobile device or any other internet enabled device of your choice. It is very important to note that once the test is about to commence, the test portal would be activated also, a URL would be released that applicants would have to use in order to access the test portal. Check N-power Shortlisted

Npower shortlist is yet to be released to the general public however, it is very important to note that the result would be available immediately after you finish writing the Npower Test. Note that the test cannot be rewritten again so ensure that you give in your best in your first trial.

The Npower Batch C stream 2 shortlist has been released to the general public and those who were among those who applied for the Npower Batch C programme, visit the portal immediately to check if you were among those shortlisted.

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