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NECO Geography Past Questions & Answer PDF Download

NECO Geography past question and answer can be used by those who are writing the main NECO examination or those who are writing the NECO GCE examination which is yet to commence but once it commences, we would update you on our website.

Passing Geography in NECO is very easy and one of the strategies employed by those who did this was to make use of past questions and answers for practice. We have compiled questions from recent years and the aim of doing this is to aid our readers to be well prepared for the next examination.

NECO Geography’s past question is divided into four(4) sections and paper III is the objective aspect while paper II comprises of two(2) sections namely Human Geography, and Geography of Nigeria furthermore, paper I is Physical Geography and it is on the same sheet with paper III.

NECO examination has commenced and those who would be writing Geography should practice ahead with some of the questions we have outlined below. You can contact us and if we have a copy, then we would forward it to your email immediately.

Paper III

Answer all the questions in this section

1.If the map is enlarged twice its size, the new scale would be?
a. 1:50,000 b. 1: 100,000 c. 1:125,000 d. 1:250,000 e. 1:300,000

2.What is the six-figure reference of Chee settlement?
a.013020 b. 873017 c. 875019 d. 883017 e. 885027

3.Calculate the approximate length of the secondary road in km
a.6.40 b. 6.50 c. 7.50 d. 13.0 e. 14.5

4. The bearing of Tuu from Chee is approximately?
a.90˚ b. 270˚ c. 280˚ d. 315˚ e. 340˚

5. If the sign□ on the map represents 100 persons per km2, what is the combined population of the settlement of Dee, Taa, and Xee in km2?
a.400 b. 500 c. 600 d. 1,400 e.1,500

6.The low density of settlements in the eastern part of the mapped area is best explained by the
a. presence of dense forest b. drainage density c. poor transport network d. rough topography e. scarcity of farmland

7.The dotted lines represented by BB is a?
a. ridge b. river capture c. river regime d. waterfall e. watershed

8.The likely occupation of the people in the Tuu settlement is?
a. farming b. lumering c. mining d. quarrying e. trading

9.The relief that crosses the map diagonally is a/an?
a. conical hill b. dissected plateau c. elongated highland d. ridge e. spur

10.What is the direction of Zee town from Tuu Settlement?
a. East West b. North East c. North West d. South East e. South West

11.Which of these describes solar eclipse?
a. Earth comes between the moon and the sun b. Earth revolves around the sun c. Moon comes in between the earth and the sun d. Sun comes between the earth and the moon e. Sun is overhead at the tropic of capricon

12.Which of these planets is referred to as “red planet”?
a. Earth b. Jupiter c. Mars d. Mercury e. Venus

13.Calculate the distance in kilometers between town P latitude 80˚N and town S latitude 40˚N
a. 440 b. 444 c. 4,440 d. 4444 e. 44,440

14.The International Date Line is a line where the time changes by exactly?
a. 12,400 seconds b. 24,000 minutes c. 24 hours d. 48 hours e. 168 hours

15.Which of the following rocks is not permeable?
a. Basalt b. Diorite c. Gabbro d. Granite e. Sandstone

Paper I

In this section, there is one compulsory question and candidates are to select the remaining questions from the other available questions.

1.a. With the aid of a diagram, explain three effects of the revolution of the earth
b. With the aid of an annotated diagram, discuss the three concentric layers of the earth’s interior

2.a. Describe the mode of formation of metamorphic rocks with relevant examples
b. Explain two effects of rocks on the formation of landforms
c. Outline five(5) economic importance of metamorphic rocks

3.a. Identify the two bases for Koppen’s climatic classification
b. State four major climatic groups according to Koppen’s classification
c. With the aid of a labeled diagram, describe the formation of

  • Cyclonic rainfall
  • Orthographic rainfall


This section is divided into two sections Section A and Section B with Section A being Human Geography, and Section being Geography of Nigeria



1.a. With examples, discuss four factors responsible for the difference in the distribution of population density in the world
b.Highlight two importance of age and sex composition of a population
Explain three negative effects of Migration on the source area


Geography of Nigeria

1.aiOn a Sketch Map of Nigeria
Name two areas with high and low population densities
ii. One important town in each of the areas mentioned in ai above
b. Discuss five factors responsible for the rapid population increase in Nigeria
c. Suggest three ways of reducing high population growth

The first step to being successful is to ensure that you read the instructions properly before you start answering questions. We were unable to outline the instructions however, note that each section would have its own instructions outlined at the top of the page.

If you have any questions then please drop them in the comment section below also ensure that you subscribe to our mailing list and follow our other social media pages

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