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NECO English Past Questions and Answer PDF Download

This is to inform those who are writing English in the National Examination Council Examination that the past question is available for download in PDF format and this article would provide a preview of what the questions would look like. This past question can also be used by those who are writing the NECO GCE examination.

The NECO examination past questions can be used by both school and private candidates and that is why we did not publish any article on NECO GCE past questions and answer because we believe this one can be used by both sets of candidates.

English Language is quite easy to pass and one of the secrets to passing English Language is by practicing with questions from previous years. Make sure you make good use of the questions outlined below and if you need more, do not hesitate to let us know.

The NECO English examination date is around the corner and this one of the courses that you must pass especially if this is the only external examination you would be writing. Just use the questions outlined below to practice and you would be sure of passing with good grades.

NECO English Past Questions and Answers

The questions are divided into three sections and one section is essay writing and comprehension while the other two parts are objectives. Candidates are advised to get the full copy of these past questions because we would not write the comprehension in this article.

Instruction: Choose from the options lettered A to E, the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word or expression in italics

1.The headmaster took a cursory look at the letter
a. brief b. casual c. concise d. hasty e. thorough

2.The accused has been convicted of fraud
a. acquitted of b. condemned of c. discharged from d. murdered for e. sentenced for

3.She became active after the surgical operation
a. alive b. broken c. dead d. lively e. quiescent

4.The incessant strike by the staff has crippled the organization
a. ceaseless b. constant c. continual d. periodic e. uninterrupted

5.She is such a diligent worker
a. brilliant b. busy c. careless d. graceful e. serious

6. She later regretted having made such a rash decision
a. deliberate b. headlong c. precipitous d. reckless e. stupid

7.The inmates’ health condition was awful
a. appalling b. dreadful c. pleasant d. stable e. terrifying

8.The doctor asked the patient to eat a more wholesome diet
a. balanced b. energizing c. lavish d. nutritious e. unhealthy

9.The gigantic housing project was completed by the contractor last week
a. large b. magnificent c. marvelous d. small e. stupendous

10. He is a shrewd investor
a. Clever b. crafty c. cunning d. naive e. smart


You are required to answer only one question from this section, Your answer should not be less than 450 words. All questions carry equal marks. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section.

1.Write a story that best illustrates the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.”

2.Write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the benefits of interschool sports competition

3.Your uncle is about to marry another wife. Write a letter advising him on the implications of the decision, especially in view of the economic situation in the country.

4.The literary and debating society of your school is organizing a debate entitled: Capital punishment should be Meted out to people who embezzle Public funds. Write your argument for or against the proposition.


Instruction: Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the underlined letter(s)

a. announce b. bluff c. court d. down e. favor

a. aunt b. curse c. nature d. rough e. store

a. eager b. fame c. gear d. legume e. mechanic

a. baby b. collapse c. glass d. knack e. resent
a.avid b. brutal c. disaster d. flea e. indication

Make sure that you read the instructions before you start answering questions regardless of the time allocated to the paper. Visit this article frequently also so that you would be able to get updated NECO English past questions as we would update it frequently.

If you want the full copy of the past question then send us a mail or you can contact us via the contact form on our contact page.

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