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Jamb 2022/2023 English Language Past Questions & Answers

JAMB English Past Question and Answer is available to those who would be writing English in JAMB. English Language happens to be one of the core subjects that must be written by all candidates regardless of the course they selected during registration.

English Language is a compulsory subject that must be written by anyone writing the JAMB examination. The total score is 100 and scoring high would help boost your JAMB Score as it is the general score that is considered when looking at a JAMB result and not individual scores.

The questions outlined below were gotten from different years and they are not from one JAMB past question and answer. The aim of sourcing questions from different years is to expose those who would be writing the examination to different formats of questions so that they would be able to acquaint themselves with different question patterns.

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Jamb English Sample Past Questions & Answers

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) questions are all objectives and applicants are advised to get the CBT software to start practicing ahead of time. Below are some JAMB English past questions that one can practice with:

Instruction: In each of the questions 1-10, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in italics

1.The policeman was asked to investigate the matter a. ask about b. forget about c. examine d. inquire about

2.Though his parent’s poverty placed many obstacles in his path as a young man, Olu succeeded at last a. hurdles b. advantages c. temptations d. diversions

3.Binta sobbed by the door because she had lost her mother’s precious necklace a. cried b. smiled c. wept d. dishonorable d extraordinary

4. The president took exception to the ignoble role the young man played in the matter a. honorable b. embarrassing c. dishonorable d. extraordinary

5. The man who had been seriously ill was convalescing at a seaside resort a. regaining health b. deteriorating in health c. recuperating d. relaxing

6. For millions of years, the world’s resources have remained boundless a. unlimited b. scarce c. indomitable d. limited

7.It seems fashionable, in some quarters today to decry examinations and the ability to pass them a. extol b. abuse c. entreat d. discourage

8.Ogedegbe was an intrepid fighter for human freedom and dignity a. timid b. half-hearted c. fearless d. undaunted

9. The difference between the experimental procedures was imperceptible to me a. negligible b. significant c. obvious d. obscure

10. His antipathy to religious ideas makes him unpopular a. remedy b. consciousness c. hostility d. receptiveness

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