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JAMB CRS Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

JAMB CRS Past Questions and Answers PDF Download| This is to inform those who are writing Christian Religious Studies in their JAMB examination that the past questions in PDF format are available and this article would provide a few of them.

The past questions for Christian Religious Studies are essential especially if you want to score high in the subject because one of the secrets to scoring high in JAMB is to practice as many past questions as possible. The examination would soon commence and before registering, it is advisable to start practicing the past questions immediately if you are going to be writing CRS in Jamb.

One of the secrets of passing CRS in Jamb in one sitting is to make use of past questions when preparing for an examination and this strategy has worked perfectly for a lot of people. After going through this article, ensure that you get more copies of CRS Past Questions to practice.

JAMB 2022 examination has been concluded and those who would be writing CRS in the 2023 JAMB examination are advised to start practicing with the questions outlined below to be well prepared for the next examination as the questions here would help them to be well prepared.

Jamb Christian Religious Studies Past Question

  1. What was Herod’s reaction when he heard the news about Jesus’s birth?
    a. He sent gifts
    b. He was excited
    c. He was troubled
    d. he became calm

2…….behold, I will bring evil upon you; I will utterly sweep you away……” Elijah pronounced destruction on Ahab with the statement above for his sin of
a. The killing of God’s prophet
b. Worship of other gods
c. Going to war against Ramoth-Gilead
d. greed, covetousness, and murder

3. The ruler of the synagogue whose children Jesus raised to life was?
a. Zebedee
b. A widow
c. Jainus
d. Centurion

4. According to Amos, true religion entails
a. Engaging in sacrifices and burnt offerings
b. Being just and righteous
c. Fasting and praying always
d. Engaging in holy feasts and assemblies

5.Paul in Romans said that the righteousness of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ for
a. The exaltation of the authority
b. The cleansing of the dammed
c. The dead in Christ
d. All those who believe

6. ”I tell you, If these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Jesus statement above was made when
a. He was rebuked by the Pharisees for eating with sinners
b. The scribes and the chief priest came to arrest him
c. He consoled a woman on his way to the cross
d. The Pharisees asked him to rebuke his disciples

7. Before Moses brought the Israelites to meet God on Mount Sinai, he charged them to
a. Touch the mountain at the slight of smoke
b. Ensure they eat very well
c. Wash their garments and be consecrated
d. Mates with their wives for three days

8. In his teachings about himself, Jesus said the hireling is not a good shepherd because he
a. Leaves the sheep and flees at the sight of danger
b. Owns the sheep but does not care for them
c. Cares for the sheep but does not discipline them
d. Is the gate-keeper who shuts the sheep out

9.God displayed his supremacy when Ahab was king during the
a. Incidence of Naboth’s vineyard
b. War with Ramoth-Gilead
c. Inciting of Jehoshaphat against him
d. Contest on Mount Carmel

10.In his teaching on effective prayer, James said that the prayer of faith would
a. Influence the authority
b. Heal and cleanse sins
c. Ensure salvation for the sick
d. Enhance commitment to church

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